Colleen Et Les Boites À Musique

Cécile Schott, better known as Colleen to the world, is no stranger to using unorthodox sources to create her delicate worlds of sound. So, when the France Culture’s Atelier De Création Radiophonique comissioned her to create a special broadcast using only music boxes in various forms she was apparently so delighted with the results that she allowed it to be released as a formal EP. As with much of Schott's music it is delicate and feels very personal. Remnants of childhood float into vision and Schott dances with them a while. She blows smoke over the lens of the camera a bit, then recaptures the images. The results feel so familiar and yet completely different from anything you've ever known. As she is known for her work with instruments of rare qualities, not only ordinary music boxes were used for this grand experiment. Mechanisms ranging from musical inserts from 40's birthday cards to antique Victorian pieces were all incorporated into the session. The results are nothing short of stunning, but at the same time completely natural for someone of Schott's talent. The EP prefaces the release of her formal 3rd album due out in early 2007.

[MP3] Colleen -Your Heart Is So Loud
[MP3] Colleen -What Is A Componium? - Part 2
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This "EP" (it is quite long for an EP, even for a "mini-album") is so good that I can hardly wait for her new "proper" album. I totally agree with you - she has so much talent.

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