The Skygreen Leopards Skyband

Its a shame that this record isn't coming out until after summer is over. Nothing could be more representative of tranquil summer nights and campfire gazing than this latest incarnation of The Skygreen Leopards. Disciples Of California smells of woods after a summer rain. It blows a warm wind against the back of your neck as you stare at the last remaining sliver of sunlight over the hills. This is the California record of the year. Perhaps taking some inspiration in their roles helping others flesh out a bigger sound (Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band, Flying Canyon) Glenn and Donnovan have added a full rhythm section of Shade Sartin(bass) and Jasmyn Wong(drums) to the group. The full Skygreen Leopard Skyband sound sees the band sounding more like well, a band. The two songwriters are still translating the whims of the forest to the people, they just happen to be telling the story in language more people can understand. Rusted jangle and acid tinged folk have now been ably supported by the mellow country strums and sweet lackadaisical candor that make people throw on a Grateful Dead album to ease an August dusk. Disciples Of California is out on October 24th on Jagjaguwar.

[MP3] The Skygreen Leopards -Places West of Shawnapee
[MP3] The Skygreen Leopards -I Remember Sally Orchid
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