Rock n' Roll was the music of youth. Sometimes this proved to be more true in some cases than others. A great many of the unknown and recently rescued artists were young local bands and musicians who made their name opening for any band that rode through town. Both of these records were crafted by the young and eager talent of a burgeoning generation.

The Brain Police - The Brain Police
Formed from the collaborative efforts of some of San Diego's best local bands, and even though most of the boys were still in High School their playing is well beyond their years. The Brain Police's record is actually a near perfect demo that
was used to solicit record companies. The Brain Police opened for nearly every band that came through the San Diego area; The Byrds, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Cream, and Steppenwolf to name a few. The latter even demanded that the boys accompany them on a tour through the southwest. The band came very close to a deal but when it fell through due to legal reasons they disbanded, never to play together again. Luckily they leave behind one of the most coveted and completed demo recordings of the era.

[MP3] The Brain Police - Getting Too Much Higher
[MP3] The Brain Police - My World of Wax

J.K. & Co. - Suddenly One Summer
This psychedelic pop gem was written by one Jaye Kaye when he was only fifteen years old. Jaye was the son of Mary Kaye, guitarist and namesake of the Mary Kaye Stratocaster. Jaye was enchanted by the Beatles and when he began to
write his own brand of lush pop songs he was sent by his mother to work with Robin Spurgin, a Vancouver record producer. Spurgin and his session musicians fleshed out Jaye's songs into a full concept album depicting life of a man, from birth until death. The songs have flashes of baroque psychedelia thanks to the many studio touches of Spurgen and local legend Robert Buckley. The album in no way shows Jaye's age and though it was unfortunately let down by the label it remains today as a young man's masterpiece.

[MP3] J.K. & Co. - Fly
[MP3] J.K. & Co. - Land of Sensations and Delights

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I've waited for some time to find someone with enough genius, enough vision, enough records...to post something by this kid. I've been intrigued by the story since I began to compile the White Whale Records discography. Please feel free to visit: www.freewebs.com/jakasso - Thanks a whole big bunch!

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