Stefan Neville writes pop songs for broken toys; songs that can only be appreciated as seen through the eyes of the disenfranchised playthings that once charming, have now become slightly grotesque. Underneath the crunch of tape hiss and clatter lay some truly affecting loner pop songs made all the more real by his damage. Rising out of the New Zealand Tape scene and onto Soft Abuse
his music is given a bit wider release into an unready world. Neville seems to see every instrument in the same light as the kalimba; often adorning their output with rattles, clanks and fuzz that render them with an uncommon feeling of eerie loneliness. His lyrics often lay unrecognizable under this din, but in reality it seems that this too is intentional. The words themselves aren't important but their strained cry gives the broken beast a heart.

[MP3] Pumice -King Korny Remains
[MP3] Pumice -Brawl

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