Psychedelic influences spread all over in the late 60's and early 70's. Some bands adopted the imagery and label merely as a method to sell records. There were some nice crossovers though. The fusion of funk and psych had some interesting if not long lasting effects. These two artists were able to mine from both schools with scattered but usually pleasing results.

Rhinoceros - Rhinoceros
This band was actually put together by Elektra records, Doors producer Paul Rothchild and producer Frasier Mohawk as a sort of supergroup. This title eventually held some drawbacks for the band because despite the cumulative talent of the
assembled players, the label's tendency to describe them a supergroup of players caused a bit of an excess of hype that the band couldn't possibly live up to. They recorded three albums in total and their debut remains as the best of these three. The band featured members of Iron Butterfly, Buffalo Springfield and the Mothers of Invention but public disinterest and poor management eventually led to their demise. Their contributions were never as significant as the label made them out to be but nonetheless they are still of some consequence.

[MP3] Rhinoceros - Apricot Brandy
[MP3] Rhinoceros - Belbeukus

U.S. 69 - Yesterday's Folks
U.S. 69 combine psych rock, jazz and hard edged funk into a combination that comes off more cohesive that it would seem. The record is littered with tight funk drumming that propels Bill Durso's songwriting ably. The shorter
singles don't really showcase the band's psychedelic influences but on the tail of each side of the record the band lays down long acid jazz freakouts that even weave in some touches of African percussion. The record has come back into exposure through hip hop enthusiasts as the drums on "Miss Goodbody" were sampled by DJ Shadow. Definitely worth checking out.

[MP3] U.S. 69 - Yesterday's Folks
[MP3] U.S. 69 - I'm A Nobody

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