The New Sound of Numbers

Cloud Recordings doesn't put out many records, so when they do come out they are usually of a high caliber. Their latest release is from Hannah Jones, contributing member to Circulatory System and The Instruments. The project called The New Sound of Numbers has a high focus on rhythm in a cloud of experimental pop with a smattering of no wave influences. Jones would not have been that out of place on a bill with DNA or maybe even the Slits. Deadpan Nico vocals float in dry space over scattershot rhythmic tinkerings and keyboards with more squiggles than crinkle cut fries. Jones lists herself first and foremost as a visual artist which may explain why the music seems to unfold like snapshots of abstract paintings lying by the roadside. The New Sound of Numbers' Liberty Seeds is out October 10th

[MP3] The New Sound of Numbers -You'll Soon Be Singing
[MP3] The New Sound of Numbers -Tuning the Air
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