The Lisps

The Lisps are a South Bronx fun band. Their debut EP, 'The Vain, The Modest, and the Dead' is a listener's dream. At the standard 5 song rate, I'm amazed at how much they pile in. Album opener "Pepper Spray" has a guitar line with the tone and sensibility of a Ratatat track, but they compound that sound with refreshing down tempo vocals, a hook that could reel in the loch ness, and my personal favorite, hand claps; and it just gets better from here: harmonica and tambourine, impeccably fading out to DIY electro-rock and a jazzy folk number; finishing it off with an left of center rattletrap of a song, appropriately named "Chaos". These guys will keep the smiles on your face. It's the most fun you've had with pants on.

[MP3] The Lisps - Chaos

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