The Heron King's Return

Califone have returned from a brief pause in their usually steady stream of recordings. After wrapping up several solo projects that included scoring music for films, Tim Rutli and the band have laid down another album of broom closet damaged blues for early mornings. Rutli has a knack for capturing the sweet ennui and blind stagger of the moments at 5 am when you stop being drunk and before the pain of a hangover can be fully realized; blissful but unconsciously so. His loops and soundscapes twist like the distant sound of street sweepers and buses mingled with the wind and quiet clatter of still dawn. The songs are hazy, like memories still being made. This album comes as a pleasant continuation of Califone's consistent back catalog. Rutli, doesn't seem to falter from his talent as he matures in form. The album is a decidedly lighter offering than 2004's Heron King Blues, like a dawn after the dreary night, the beginnings of redemption. Roots and Crowns is out October 10th on Thrill Jockey.

[MP3] Califone -The Orchids
[MP3] Califone -3 Legged Animals
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