Ghost Sessions

Ghost Sessions is the side project of Racingpaperplanes' Richard Wilson. Wilson's songs evoke rainy Saturday's filled with memories that cloud your mind like ghosts. The soft splash of tires on pavement, the ominous loom of clouds that hang like castles in the distance and the insistant tug of memories thought long lost. Wilson's songs don't exorcize the demons so much as they transport you back to a time and place only seen though the haze of drops that obscure the streetlamps and cause your eyes to squint against the cold. His soft country lilt floats on the air like the first days of autumn and dissipates into the ether, his breath on the air a ghost in itself. Ghost Sessions has released two 3" eps on Tract Records, the first of which What To Say On The Way Down is already out of print but the latest Speed Of Life can still be purchased directly from the label. Not a far departure from his work as Racingpaperplances, but Ghost Sessions does seem to be a more intimate project for Wilson. Speed of Life also features contributions from fellow Tract lablemates Grumpy Bear and Boo Hiss.

[MP3] Ghost Sessions -Speed Of Life
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