Amps For Christ

It’s a nice feeling, a mini revelation, a small scale pilgrimage, the equivalent of taking a much needed nap after a hard days work; finding the sounds that bend with perception inside you, the songs that made you begin to love music in the first place. These simplicities have the tendency to get lost in the muck of excitement and anticipation, the addiction to shiny new unearthed tracks, spoiling the sweetness of sinking into a song. I’ve been in a rut recently, finding it difficult to enjoy much music at all. It’s at these times that you take a listen to albums you may have once glossed over, thinking them mundane or inconsequential. I’m not sure why it took me so long to pick up the Amps for Christ album, Every Eleven Seconds on 5RC. Shots of songwriting grandeur placed lovingly into folds of static, sparse pysch and astutely crafted noise and echo; exactly what I needed to remind me that music can be unusual and affecting, staying clear of pompous indie rock copycat acts complete with a marketing outline and a highly ranked downloadable track. Amps for Christ have truly impressed me, and are well worth your time. I know I’ll be working my way through their extensive discography excitedly exploring the ins and outs, the creation and the inspiration of their electrified noise, political and existential sonic journeys through the impressions of one of the most intriguing indie bands around.

[MP3] Amps For Christ - W I B
[MP3] Amps For Christ - Out On The Moon (Slight Return)
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