Wooden Shjips

RSTB is not normally in the habit of posting videos but its rare that a band can so accurately capture the feelings their music evokes in film. Wooden Shjips play like some Velvet Underground/ Krautrock bad trip outtake that threatens to tear your soul from you by sheer force. The video for their song "Dance, California" is a perfect meld of vintage 60's footage all interwoven to create the feeling of feverish dance mania and apocalyptic hedonism. If I ever have foreknowledge of the impending end of the world I want this song playing as loud as possible wherever I may be. Wooden Shjips output has been strictly limited to one 10" and this new 7" for "Dance, California." Both can be purchased from Aquarius records. Haven't found much information about the band personally but the sound is so commanding it doesn't really matter. Below is an edit of a track from the 10" courtesy of their site. Act fast on this one. The 10" is limited to 300 and I'm sure the 7" isn't sticking around long either.

[MP3] Wooden Shjips -Shrinking Moon For You (Edit)
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for real!... soo good... check out the band 'endless boogie' if you haven't already... ties to 'double leopards'... some of the best stuff I've heard in a while

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