Thank You Pop Levi

This guy's really got his finger on the pulse of some authentic R&R. There's an unexpected touch of funk and soul, and a production quality that builds on the aesthetics of classic hard rock albums of the 70's, but mostly Pop Levi makes my girlfriend dance: on the couch, across the apartment, and in the shower. You know the kind of dance, with eyes closed, and an innocent smirk that belies her carnal obsession of Page and Plant. She's a child of the sound with a body that burns and bends with the oscillations of that sacred noise; hands in the air and hair everywhere, a roll of the hips and parted lips. Thank you Pop Levi.

[MP3] Pop Levi - Mournin' Light

Download more songs from his Myspace page.
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posted by pitchblack at 2:04:00 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm in love with Pop levi

the album is A-MA-ZI-NG

12:24 PM  

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