[MP3] King Tuff - Staircase of Diamonds
We really love King Tuff here at RSTB, and we finally got a hold of the entire album, Mindblow thanks to Fusetron here in Brooklyn. It's amazing; a pop rock treasure that feels as special as a locket in your pocket and oozes smiles and jumpkicks. "Staircase Of Diamonds" is the albums most reserved track, laying in lazy summer strums, watching with jealousy, the city you both love and hate, move unfazed without you, "Love's just a word that I can't explain, so I say I need you; Sometime's I feel like the only thing real is the city." Lou Reed would be so proud.

[MP3] Elton John - Time Has Told Me
A cover of Nick Drake's classic by Elton John. I'm not sure it could get much better. It's a jazzier piano driven (obviously) take on the original. Sir Elton John has an entire session of Nick Drake songs out there, I'm still trying to get my hands on it. The quality isn't that great, but the song makes up for it.

[MP3] Nick Drake - Blues Run The Game
A cover of Jackson C. Frank’s timeless track, "Blues Run The Game" performed by Nick Drake. It’s pretty comparable to the original but it's another chance to hear Drake display his everlasting talent. He has the power to speak to many people in a singular and personal way, and this still stands true through Frank’s words and music.
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hi i came across that elton john nick drake session on time has told me


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