[MP3] Ferraby Lionheart - Tickets to Crickets
I'm pretty intrigued by this guy. So far he's just got an EP out, but simply judging from these songs, you'd assume he'd be around the indie rock block a few times, so to speak. He's weathered and confident, inspired and extremely talented. "Tickets to Crickets" rolls along a bouncy piano line like a leaf-blown brit pop ballad, with enough rustiness and recklessness to keep it homegrown.

[MP3] Ivy LeagueJune
A cross between old country am radio and Simon and Garfunkel, "June" is a perfect song for the imminent fall; partly cloudy, blowing love around like brush in the park. For fans of Kings of Convenience and Acid House Kings. I'm pretty sure Hope Gangloff did the cover art too, which is fitting to the feel of the record.

[MP3] SparklehorseMountains
October in Texas is colder than you think, well, that year it was. I had moved back home for a brief time to be with friends. Growing up there, fall was always my favorite season, and it was a surreal time, leaving NY just weeks after Sept. 11, everything was charged with an incomparable energy of confusion, fear, and a desire for simplicity. My memories of that time have blended together as a collage of time and light and a chill that
truly changed my life. I remember the lining of my sweatshirt and how it felt on my arms when the awkward wind blew through the car, our floors were strewn with pedals and tapes, guitar chords and broken keyboards we’d thought we could fix. Running through the woods before getting caught in the rain, green and grey skies, beer bottles and late nights, fighting the feeling that I had abandoned my city, and feeling love again from friends I’d been away from for so long. And Sparklehorse was there too. They were about all I listened to. To this day their songs still find me just as dooming, inspirational, mournful and homesick. Hearing them again is a huge treat, and I expect to have ‘Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain’ on repeat for quite awhile.
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