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Loren Connors has been a fixture of avant garde music for decades. He has collaborated with musicians that push the limits of recorded sound; Keiji Haino, Alan Licht, Jim O'Rourke, Chan Marshall, Darin Gray, Rafael Toral, John Fahey, Thurston Moore, Henry Kaiser and Dean Roberts to name a few. He is the kind of artist who treats his instrument like a brush; emitting color as much as sound. This may only come naturally since Connors was traditionally trained in the visual arts but gave it up stating that "my music is more original than my painting." I've never witnessed his painting but his music is certainly original. Connors can evoke strangled tin can blues or calm languid sojourns from the same six strings. Though he has released many albums over the years attention has come to him of late. Interest was peaked in the mid nineties and has increased steadily ever since. Recently he has had some incredible releases. Most notable of these are a career spanning retrospective and an album of solo recordings and collaborations with John Fahey.

Night Through
Family Vineyard has recently released a three disc retrospective of his work from 1976-2004 that collects tracks from out of print 7-inch singles, private issue CD-Rs, unreleased tracks and recordings with his wife Suzanne Langille. This compilation is a
great portrait of Connors' work as it stands. Shambolic blues, dusted buzztone creations and ethereal peace incantations all lurk side by side in a style that has influenced many and been matched by very few. His decidedly American music is imbued with a purity of tone heard even in his earliest recordings. The entire collection is remastered from the original tapes by Jim O'Rourke.
[MP3] Loren Connors -Ribbon O' Blues
[MP3] Loren Connors -Deirdre of the Sorrows (Pt. 4)
[MP3] Loren Connors -Battle of Clontarf (Pt. 6)
[MP3] Loren Connors -Stars

Table of the Elements released Connors latest creation Sails late last year. The album features some of his most delicate and intimate compositions. The song Cycle Pretty as Ever I-VIII creaks and swells with the kind of poetry only Connors seems to be able
to wrangle from an inanimate object. At the same time his collaboration with Fahey is a sparse unnerving look into darkness laden with feelings of trepidation and unease. The entire double album is closed by the behemoth of white noise and raw tone excursions "Sails," sounding like a two day trek into a cave only to emerge with the bitter knowledge of who you really are.
[MP3] Loren Connors -Pretty As Ever (Pt. III)
[MP3] Loren Connors w/ John Fahey -Dark Is The Night, Cold Is The Ground

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been obsessed with his music since I discovered it a while ago. First time I read something about him was through references in Hisato Higuchi's bio. Another great artist, by the way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you repost "Dark is the night cold is the ground."

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