Hotel Alexis

With the elder Lindner brother's impending release of the aforementioned Flying Canyon record it seems almost too appropriate that his younger brother and former collaborator in Golden Hotel is set to release his follow-up to the 2004's luminous The Shining Example Is Lying on the Floor in September. Sidney Lindner definitely takes some influence from his older brother and his collaborators. The lazy folk strums found on Goliath, I'm On Your Side recall the whimsy that pervades the best of The Skygreen Leopards work. His songs, however add a touch backporch canyon country and dust it with the sweet yearn of steel pedal. Sidney's mellowed croon is a little less seasoned but just as earnest as any of the Jeweled Antler players. A passing of clouds over the sun that peeks through the trees; a peek into a quiet life happily lived quiet.

[MP3] Hotel Alexis -Owl
[MP3] Hotel Alexis-The Devil Knows My Handle

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the hotel alexis songs are sad and sweet and grow on you over time.one of my favorite bands.

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