Flying Canyon

We here a RSTB dropped a hint of this record a while back and now through the generous people at Soft Abuse it has appeared on our desks and in our computers. Flying Canyon is the collective force of Cayce Lindner, Glenn Donaldson and Shayde Sartin with a little help from Skygreen Leopard Donnovan Quinn. Now admittedly Donaldson is a RSTB favorite and an incredible songwriter who usually contributes the brightest moments on any release he's involved in; but this is definitely Cayce's record and he owns it as such. His voice is affected and weathered from a lifetime hard lived but still as strong and clear as ever. It's as if he needed you to feel the reasons he's singing more than anything. The Neil Young influence can be felt heavy over the entire record but Lindner takes the humanity and soul that Young conveys and leaves out the impulsive politics that he gets lost in. They self describe themselves as California Doom Folk but even when the tones get dark, there's a hope that undercuts the despair. Lindner has been a cohort of the Jeweled Antler collective for some time now but this is their first real collaboration. He's made himself known though; playing with his younger brother Sidney in Golden Hotel and inducing states of mild dimensia with The Goodwill Tapes, his Hawkwind-Feedback-Drone-Folk Project. The record has no set release date yet but details can be found over at Soft Abuse and you can check into The Golden Hotel over at Aquarius.

[MP3] Flying Canyon -Crossing By Your Star
[MP3] Flying Canyon -The Bull Who Knew The Ring
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FC will be released 10/3.

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