Thee, Stranded Horse

Somewhere in a rural farmhouse in France towards the end of the '60s a man sat with his guitar and began to play. What would he create would be cloaked in solitude, the mysteries of the hillside and his old doo wop 45s. Thee, Stranded Horse akin to the music he makes is a mystery. He may not be that
lost treasure of the European 60s underground, but he may as well be. His voice, caught somewhere between Devendra Banhart and Jose Gonzalez, whispers with the intensity of mortar shell. The guitar work is intelligent, sparse and expressive; try not to get the goosebumps.

[MP3] Thee, Stranded Horse - Tainted Days
[MP3] Thee, Stranded Horse - So Goes The Pulse

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just found your blog, it is very good. with all this talk of horses, you might like a band on the myspace called vampire horse. the blog run by yer bird records-yer blog did a small write on them at the end of may- a.d. barkley

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