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Well due to some lack of computer access during the holiday, this feature is coming out on Thursday instead of its regularly scheduled slot on Tuesdays. Todays RRITW post is brought to you by the letter S and support from viewers like you.

Sacred Mushroom - Sacred Mushroom
Unfortunately this album doesn't quite match the psychedelic intensity of its cover, but it is a great slice of heavy blues based rock representative of the time period. Its also probably one of the better
records to emerge from Cincinati at the time. Heavily influenced by British blues guitarists like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, they actully opened for Cream on a few dates around the Ohio area. Its another record that seems like it should have gotten more attention than it did. Search it out on vinyl if you can, the artwork deserves a 12 X 12 display.
[MP3] Sacred Mushroom -Catatonic Lover
[MP3] Sacred Mushroom - Mean Old World
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Sapphire Thinkers - From Within
Sapphire Thinkers have a great West Coast sound; like a more psychedelic Mammas and Papas. The vocal harmonies are tight and sunny but with a melancholy edge to them. Some of the better tracks showcase
briliant flashes of fuzz guitar and washes of Peggy Richmond's Flute. This one can hardly be called essential but I'd recommend it highly for any one interested in albums with great vocal interplay and the softer side of psych in general (Donovan, Free Design, etc.)
[MP3] Sapphire Thinkers -Blind With A Borrowed Light
[MP3] Sapphire Thinkers - Get Along Boy
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