Lindsay Van Demark writes an understated brand of piano pop. Her songs ring with an unoticed charm, like the girl next door you've been friends with since third grade. The kind you share at least a few completely ridiculous inside jokes with. The one you watched movies with crosslegged and platonic for years and never noticed how absolutely beautiful and perfect she is unil it was too late. So you'll always look for a piece of her in every girl you meet. Van Demark comes accross like a more subtle Regina Spektor. Her pop has humor and humility and a bit of goofiness to it. The kind that can play a plaintive melody but can't resist the urge to slam on the piano keys to make you take notice. She's currently working on a new album due out near the end of the summer. "When I Go To Sleep" is a preview of what's to come. In the meantime you can purhase her previous album in all its handmade glory here.

[MP3] Re-Cognition -When I Go To Sleep
[MP3] Re-Cognition -My Heart
[MP3] Re-Cognition -The Fool-Eyed Heart
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lindsay Den Mark puts me in the vein of Regina Skeptor, she also reminds me alittle bit of Jesca Hoop..

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now known as Lindsay Clark, I believe:

'Seaglass and Shells' on her myspace is a really nice sparse little tune.. They add musical talent in liquid form to the water in Nevada City, right?

3:27 PM  

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