[MP3] Psychic Ills - Another Day, Another Night
Probably without knowing it, Psychic Ills have become the savior or modern psychedelic music. They grace the limits of atmospheric soundscapes, folk, rock & roll, and garage-psych all at once with an encompassing clutch. “Another Day, Another Night” comes from their debut full length Dins. It’s a spaced out jam with echoing, indecipherably layered vocals over a rolling drum rhythm, occasional twinkles of xylophone and a nervous guitar line; a subtle and waning fury. This track is a slow burn epic, culminating in hi hat crashes, an all out guitar frenzy, and a straight shot to the soul of any lover of psychedelic music.

[MP3] Sebastian Tellier - La Ritournelle
I haven’t been able to stop listening to this track since it arrived in my inbox. There is surprisingly not too much stateside attention given to Sebastian Tellier, however he does seem to know the right people. He’s been interviewed by Philip Glass for Interview magazine, photographed by Karl Largerfeld and has three albums on Air’s label Record Makers under his belt. “La Ritournelle” is a paralyzing, soulful song with a four minute instrumental intro which builds and expands with gorgeous string arrangements. One of the catchiest and most poignant songs I’ve heard in awhile.

[MP3] Ramona Cordova - Giver's Reply
Ramona Cordova was recently featured on Good Hodgkins, which noted the escapist nature of his music. His songs range from traditional Spanish flamenco music complete with handclaps (no dress though) to simple folk love songs. “Giver’s Reply” is a striped down keyboard heavy track with brilliant production. Judging by the songs I've heard so far he’ll definitely be a unique and important voice in indie songwriting.
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