The Minders

For quite some time now I've had a small fixation on the Elephant 6 Collective and its respective members and bands. I grew up with my ear fixed over records from the 60's and the spirit of the collective's music exudes that generation, some would say almost to a fault. Well E6 dissenters, the latest release from The Minders stands as another great notch in their collective belt. The album, entitled It's a Bright Guilty World is a breezy walk through the hills of pop music. Bits of orchestration nestle alongside sunshine harmonies and the everpresent jangle of Martin Leaper's guitar. A number of somber tunes are mixed into the bunch, showing another side to Leaper's usually carefree atitude. Proving the signs of age and maturing are only a natural progession of their sound. Of Montreal may have moved to New Wave territory, Mangum continues to be an habitual recluse, and Beulah may have called it quits but the spirit that brought this collective of musicians together is alive and well in the Minders.

[MP3] The Minders -Savour All The Days
[MP3] The Minders -Crest Of The Hill
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