Horse Feathers

It’s too hot to move, the fan spins at a nauseating pace and without purpose. The heavy wooden window dangles at attention in its jamb waiting for the breeze. Every rustle of the grass is an inspired second that’s melted away in the sweltering patience. At last the leaves dance like children in the trees and the windowpane creaks and the water on your back turns to ice. A sweet and vicious memory; when you
tickle the edges of reality with a subdued hand, and feel your vital solidarity. You’ll hear violins and banjos and you’ll sing along; the sensation of joy and purpose. It starts in your legs and wanders without effort caressing the underside of your skin. Green and yellow Texas afternoons, heavy heated rain showers and the right songs at the right time are capable of this.

[MP3] Horse Feathers - Finch On A Saturday
[MP3] Horse Feathers - Blood On The Snow
[MP3] Horse Feathers - Like Lavender
[MP3] Horse Feathers - Eyes Full Of Rose

Horse Feathers are Justin Ringle and Peter Broderick; friends from Portland that make fantastic basment folk. The result is beautiful affecting music, both hopeful and melancholy.

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