Grand Salvo

Australian singer-songwriter Grand Salvo, Paddy Mann to his friends, writes delicate melodies that lilt across the prairie and into your speakers. His latest record, The Temporal Wheel sounds like a perfect mix of Kings of Convenience and Iron and Wine. Not such bad company to be in if you ask me. Recorded straight to analog tape in a small wooden studio in an isolated area of New South Wales, the album echoes the calm and beauty of this serene environment. The songs here are surreal and literal at the same time, with almost childlike lyrics that express the idea of reminiscence perfectly. Like being lead through a dream hand in hand with your imaginary friend and trying to make sense of the pictures. The Temporal Wheel and Grand Salvo in general have yet to really make an impact on U.S. ground but I think its only a matter of time.

[MP3] Grand Salvo -Brave Like A Goose
[MP3] Grand Salvo -Three Cats

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