Who Is King Tuff?!

I'm not sure exactly what the connection is, but judging from their Myspace profile, King Tuff is some relation to RSTB favorites Feathers and Witch. Again, I really know nothing about these guys; if they're planning an album, if there already is one? Judging by the music which is jangly early '70s punk pop (sort of) it could all just be for fun, but there is no denying these are great songs and extremely catchy. I've got my ear to the ground for any more developments.


Dancing On You.mp3
I Don't Feel So Desperate.mp3

UPDATE: Caleb, KT's drummer was kind enough to fill me in on the details of the band. King Tuff is in fact Kyle's (of Feathers and Witch fame) solo music project. These songs are old but Kyle is at the moment rerecording and writing new music and plans to put out a new CD, which they will be promoting on a tour later this year.
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