Strung Out

I love this band, The High Strung. Now, I know their album has been out for awhile, and to be completely honest it wasn't until my last few listens that I really got into them. Maybe I was a little disenchanted by music in general at the time of their release, or I may have just lumped them in with all the other garage rawkers; I don't know. The High Strung are different though my friends. Their album Moxie Bravo has so much depth and deliberation while retaining the impulsive nature of great rock and roll with a twist of ’60’s nerd pop. Remember when a band didn't just have a solitary sound; when an album would come out that had the highs and lows that life does; that one slow song you’d put on a mixtape for your new girlfriend, and the loud ones you'd drive too fast to...well, they're sort of like that, man.
Seems It's One Thing.mp3
Never Saw It As Union.mp3

They've also been working on a new album (it may be finished actually), but they were awesome enough to hit the WOXY Lounge Act Studio to record a small set of their new material.
Download their WOXY Session
WOXY Studio Session.mp3
1. The Curator
2. The Meddler
3. We're Banging It Out
4. - interview -
5. There Was No One Before You,
6. There Was No One Before Me
7. I Recognize That Voice
8. So Dry
The High Strung Website: Here
The Obligatory Mypace: Here
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