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I couldn't be more excited about this album coming out. Comets On Fire's talent and ingenuity compound markedly with every new offering. I remember my first listen the Field Records From The Sun and how the unending fuzz and catastrophic cadence played out merciless into moments of folk grandeur and impetuous metal dabblings. The Blue Cathedral toned down the noise and brought blues and psych into the mix, forming a considerably more accessible album, denser with lyrics and folk undertones, making it one of the great albums (in my opinion) of the last decade. I may be getting ahead of myself, but after one breakneck listen (due to my excitement) Avatar surpasses the musical conquests that were their preceding albums. There have been quite a few revival bands out there trying the recreate the machismo, swagger and arduous talent of metal and psych predecessors like Led Zeppelin, The Power of Zeus, or Black Sabbath. I hesitate to even group Comets On Fire into that category of cheeky rock & roll revival contenders, but with this new album they pretty much lay waste to any competition. Please, please buy this album. It will be released by Sub Pop, but not until 8/8/06.
Lucifer's Memory.mp3
Everything Is Fire has another track as well.
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