Chicago sextet Canasta play heartfelt songs of life and loss that convey emotion without seeming sappy or trite. True to their "six is the new four," proclamation, which seems to be a feeling shared by many newer indie bands, they give the term ochestral pop an apt meaning. Hey why rent strings or horns when you've already got friends that play them just sitting at home, right? They've aparently (according to their myspace page) opened for just about every indie band on the planet that rolls through Chicago all without the help of a label. From the songs on their debut We Were Set Up they sound like seasoned veterens. I've been missing out on the Chicago scene now that I'm out on the east coast and if this is what the city's currently producing I really need to be paying more attention.

Slow Down Chicago.mp3
Chance For Greatness.mp3
(from Find The Time EP)

Checkout their site to buy the album
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