Honestly I've never been the biggest fan of Twee. I can dig the scarfpop set in their hornrims and all, but honestly beyond Belle and Sebastian much of its cutesy innocence is lost on me. Cleveland, Ohio duo Bears definitely have some Twee leanings but something about them totally works for me. Maybe its just that they aren't as sunny. There's a great bittersweet quality to their debut album, even when the melodies brighten Bears keep just a hint of weariness in the lyrics that I can relate to. Simple and intimate, its probably the best bedroom pop album I've heard in quite a while. You can purchase Bears' self titled album at their site.

Never Have to Guess

Bears at Myspace

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these--I've been itching to get my hands on more Bears since hearing "Stay" a few weeks ago. Looking forward to getting the album as soon as I can!

Being utterly illiterate in music, however, and not being shy about displaying that ignorance, I have to ask: what the hell's "twee"? Um. I mean, what elements would you use to define a "twee" genre?

3:05 AM  
Blogger dissensous said...

Random Nobody-
Twee is defined by Wiki as:
{In British English twee is from "tweet", a baby talk alteration of "sweet". It is used to denote something that is overly sweet, knowingly cute or overly precious.}

A Common example of this would be Belle and Sebastian but newer bands such as the Pipettes, the Bicycles and yes even the Bears fit this description in some way.

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