Hopefully I'll only say this once, but I'm an album kind of guy. I'll never understand what use there is for a shuffle button. I look for albums that you can't pull a good track from because they are all consistently good. Well anyways, here are four upcoming albums I'm anticipating this spring.
Danielson - Ships - 5.09.06 - Secretly Canadian
Take Brother Danielson add Deerhoof, shake and you get an amazing album that will be hard to trump! Download Did I Step on Your Trumpet? from Ships.
Boris - Pink - 5.16.06 - Southern Lord
This heavy Japanese outfit makes their most accessible album yet. Gorgeous from start to finish! I'm still looking for a track for Boris. If anybody knows where to find them let me know.
Russian Circles - Enter - 5.16.06 - Flameshovel
Their upcoming release is sure to be loud and heavy without vocals. Think Pelican but much more consistent. Download Death Rides a Horse from their self-released EP.
Richard Swift - Dressed Up for the Letdown - TBA - Secretly Canadian
Richard Swift writes beautiful, vocally heavy albums. Each album seems as though it's a simple knob turn away from a new time and place. Listen to 2 tracks from this release on Richard Swift's Myspace Page
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